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About AJBluephotography

AJBluephotography was a newly created business name following on from Barry Miles photography. High quality affordable photography to suit your every need. Starting around 9years ago I have started to build a reputation in various genres. From those memorable wedding days, parties, families, children, models, story telling and commercial work. Any occasion or event we can deliver. Please take a look at my portfolio and see my work.

My name is Barry Miles I am 35 years of age from a little town called Aberdare in South Wales. I first picked up a camera 10  years ago just playing around walking by the river taking photos of anything that I could really. After this my passion grew and I went out and bought professional kit and began my journey. For the first years I attended a photography club and what I learned here was priceless and taught me a lot of what I know today. Also I am fortunate enough to have a very good friend who is professional photographer, the time spent with him and what he has taught me I could not be more thankful. It is down to these early experiences that has got me to where I am today. I not only capture I help to create that perfect album or picture. I now offer many options for clients canvas, prints, books and memorabilia.

Every year that goes by I have fallen more and more in love with photography and I get excited with each and every shoot I do. Hopeful this journey is only now starting and I look forward to creating these special memories with you all .


Barry Miles (Photographer) AJBluephotography

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